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About OurSympathy®

At OurSympathy.com®, we strive to be industry leaders for business owners seeking an obituary notification service for the clients you've come to appreciate, respect and love.

We built this service out of compassion, respect, and understanding of the importance and often personal nature of client relationships. There's nothing more devastating than loss. Whether it's a client or a friend, we all want the opportunity to process death, offer our condolences and when appropriate, say goodbye.

While other obituary notification websites may exist, OurSympathy.com offers something different - you'll be able to upload your entire business database and assign relationships to each of your clients. We also give you the option to send a card to the family or any friends of the deceased. Our clear, consistent approach means our subscribers receive professional services with an added human element they can feel.

OurSympathy® is built around an intelligent system that allows users to assign cross relationships within their own personalized business database, while it simultaneously monitors these contacts and sends out obituary notifications via email or SMS. From there, the user can respond with a number of options that include personalized greeting cards, flowers, memorial gifts, or even "thinking of you" cards and "get well" cards or any other way the user sees as fitting.

Every day, we look for new ways of helping others be informed, connected and aware of client deaths.

OurSympathy.com® was conceived by Virginia Lee Arlington, a dedicated and experienced business professional and Tax Consultant for more than 30 years.

As someone who is constantly dedicated towards providing the very best services for all of her clients, working to understand the unique needs and preferences of each client on a deeper level than ever before, and establishing long-lasting, personal relationships that are built around compassion, friendship and a deep level of trust, Virginia truly stands alone.

She hopes to help other business owners connect with their clients just as she has, because when tragedy strikes, knowing that there's someone there to support you will always mean the world to the person in need.